Ceramic Coat

One of the best things you can treat your car to.

Beautiful and functional, the ceramic coat protects your car’s paint job with a hydrophobic, scratch-resistant and dirt-repellant layer. With it, the coating prolongs the lifespan of the base coat and enhancing the exterior’s aesthetics with a showroom-quality shine. It can be applied to any coat, including matte.

Basic Antibacterial Interior Groom

If you believe that health is wealth, this is for you.

This antibacterial treatment fights germs, odours and dirt to ensure that your loved ones enjoy a hygienic, healthy commute always.

BacFree NanoMist Interior Groom

Sometimes, you need to roll out the big guns.

Consider this the king of interior grooms. It kills bacteria, mould, mildew and stubborn odours, including the smell of cigarettes and sweat. It practically strips all offending smells from the inside and leaves nothing but the fresh scent of the showroom. How? The NanoMist diffuser used in this treatment gently fumigates the interior, while a careful manual wipe down takes care of the larger messes.

Polish & Wax

A professional buff, polish and wax service. Our attentive team sees to it that dirt and grime are carefully removed with the best of the trade and products available.

Interior Restoration

A car’s interior feels youthfully luxuriant at the start, but over time, leather fades and plastic bakes.

Rejuvenate your asset with this service. With the best conditioners and solutions available, we restore the elements inside to their best possible state.

SONAX Engine Cleaning & Conditioning

Ever felt like you can’t breathe? Your car might relate.

This is an essential engine maintenance with SONAX’s products. The treatment improves performance by clearing out hard-to-reach buildup in the machine. Tried and tested rigorously in Germany.

SONAX ProfiLine Quick Detailing

Your car’s exterior will truly come alive with this.

The treatment brings out a lasting brilliant shine and surprisingly lively colours, so much that these results have been dubbed the 3D effect.  Ideally, it’s polished on after the  ceramic coat has been applied for best results.

Package Deals

Are you a regular? Speak to us about our ongoing package deals that could make your future visits even more worthwhile.